What We Offer

In today's competitive Real Estate market, it is imperative to understand the importance marketing plays in the sale process. It is not enough these days to simply place a photo or two and a few descriptive words on a window display or the internet.

The correct marketing of a property is integral to achieving a successful sales result. A comprehensive marketing plan can mean the difference of thousands of dollars in the final selling price.

When you engage Vision Property Sales to sell your most valuable asset, you can be assured of receiving cutting edge, innovative marketing. Our research has shown, the more buyers you reach, the greater the chance of securing a buyer who will pay a premium price for your property.

We understand the importance of leaving no stone unturned when searching for a buyer for one of our owners homes. Facilitating exposure through the right mediums ensures we maximise our chances of achieving a premium price. After all, anyone can sell property, but selling it for the best possible price, is a different matter entirely.

We not only believe in our marketing strategies, but know from research conducted over the years, that these strategies work. This is why we can say with confidence, 'we bring more buyers to your door', which means we will always get the best possible price for your home.

When you appoint Vision Property Sales, you will find it is a matter of commitment.

We wish to thank you for considering our agency. Rest assured should you choose Vision Property Sales to market your property, you will receive the full attention, interest and involvement of our entire organisation. We will give you the finest service available and achieve the highest price possible for you. You have our personal guarantee!